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The 2020 Australian bushfires had a devastating effect on the NSW Apiary Industry. Around 9,800 hives were burnt, more than 88,000 hives lost bees, and key flora resources were destroyed on a vast scale.

Without intervention is it estimated that there will be a state-wide decline in beekeepers and jobs throughout the Apiary sector supply chain, and the cost to agriculture could run to tens of millions of dollars and seriously impact food security in NSW.

We are trying to help...

Breaking news!

  • Many members from our team attended and presented our work at the Australian Bee Congress at the Rosehill Gardens, Sydney from June 8-11.

  • Congratulations to our students and ECRs, who presented in the lightening talks session and took out all three of the prizes on offer: Best Talk, first prize and runner-up prize and the People's Choice award!


Our Affiliates

Read more about each individual arm of the project to learn how we are trying to protect the livelihoods of NSW beekeepers by clicking on the "Project Areas" menu. Click on the images below to find the website for each of our affiliate institutions.


The Department of Primary Industries

Auditing NSW government-owned lands for suitability as bee sites.

We are focused on retaining and creating jobs for beekeepers, and building industry sustainability. Read more here.

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The Wheen Bee Foundation

Establishing pollinator-friendly plants in rural NSW

We are focused on enhancing sustainable beekeeping and increasing community awareness of the link between bees and food security. Read more here.


Tocal College

Upskilling beekeepers - subsidized courses in biosecurity and queen breeding.

We are focused on business development with a focus on productivity, and sustainability and growth. Read more here.


The Cooperative Research Center for Honey Bee Products

Safeguarding NSW honey by profiling its unique chemical compositions

We are focused on establishing profiles of NSW honeys to ensure provenance and protect the honey industry. Read more here.

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The University of Technology, Sydney, ithree Institute

Creating new honey markets by exploring honey as a health food to fight gut infections

We are focused on adding value to NSW honey as a functional food with prebiotic properties, diversifying products and expanding the market. Read more here.


The University of Sydney

Enhancing forest and bee health to produce high-value medicinal honeys.

We are focused on improving bee and beehive health to value-add to NSW honey within the medicinal honey industry. Read more here.

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To keep up-to-date with recent project activities, visit our blog, The Latest Buzz!

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